Nyuh Bengkok Tree House

Sental Kangin, Nusa Penida


Enjoy the sensation having your meal on the top of tree from more than 4 meters above the ground with Indonesian especially Balinese and Nusa Penida’s cuisine. The design was very unique with wood material above some trees which is present new experience to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, even your dinner.

Local Cuisine

We served various local cuisine menus for food lovers who want to taste Indonesian’s especially Balinese and Nusa Penida's cuisine.

Friendly Service

Our staffs service are very friendly. So we hope many guests would enjoy their stay at Nyuh Bengkok Tree House.

New Experience

We hope you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch even your dinner in our restaurant and mini bar with new experience in your holiday.

Mini Bar

Relaxing and spending the night in the middle of your holiday with your friends, beloved one, or even new people. Having light drink, beer or juice even snack that makes you more and more enjoying your holiday in this beautiful island.

Nyuh Bengkok Tree House

Enjoy your holiday in Nusa Penida Island through resting in Nyuh Bengkok Tree House, get new experience and sensation relaxing above the ground on the top of tree.

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Br. Sental Kangin, Ped vilage
Nusa Penida, Bali 80771, Indonesia
Phone : +6289516644259