Nyuh Bengkok Tree House

Sental Kangin, Nusa Penida

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About Nyuh Bengkok Tree House

Nyuh Bengkok derives from balinesse words Nyuh which means coconut and Bengkok which means arch. So overall Nyuh Bengkok means Coconut Arch. This Nyuh Bengkok grown in a field which width about 1 hectar. The axistences of Nyuh Bengkok has been told from generation to generation in this village. So, it’s name very attached in the heart of the villagers. Strangely, the second generation of Nyuh Bengkok arised again with the arch curved as similar as the old one and grown sturdy until now. The location of that Nyuh Bengkok then believed, can give blessing and fertility. Nyuh Bengkok’s environment which is so natural, that was grown many shady trees, push us to build a lodging on the top of it. These tree houses were designed very unique and concepted naturaly. Then, it was laid out neatly and finished by the hands of professional artists. From it’s history we decided to name it NYUH BENGKOK TREE HOUSE.

Nyuh Bengkok Tree House

Enjoy your holiday in Nusa Penida Island through resting in Nyuh Bengkok Tree House, get new experience and sensation relaxing above the ground on the top of tree.

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Br. Sental Kangin, Ped vilage
Nusa Penida, Bali 80771, Indonesia
Phone : +6289516644259